Carpet Capital Collegiate Classic


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Tom Fazio-1988 (7,180 yards-Par 72) Course rating 75.1/Slope 151

Hole #1

361 yards
par 4

Driver or fairway wood leaves a pitch to this deep but narrow green. Drivable for the longest of  hitters at this downhill hole. Par or better a must.
Hole #2

652 yards
par 5

A three shot hole. Driver or fairway wood from the tee to a generous landing area. A lay-up with a long iron between the lake on the left and mounds on the right leaves a short iron or wedge to the two tiered green. If the hole location is front, don't be long.
Hole #3

498 yards
par 4

Hit your driver long and straight. Finding the fairway form the tee a must. This will leave a mid iron to this uphill hole. Plays a little longer than the yardage. Large green.
Hole #4

495 yards
par 4 

Out of bounds left suggests favoring the right side from the tee. However, this lengthens an already long hole that is a mid iron second off a good driver. Very penal rough.
Hole #5

167 yards
par 3

Club selection is key. The green is two tiered and four clubs deep, and also abuts a small creek on the right with a pond in front.
Hole #6

403 yards
  par 4 

Be careful of the fairway bunkers left and right. A well placed driver or fairway wood leaves a short iron to this large green with a small mound in the middle. 
Hole #7

354 yards
par 4  

Hit your driver or fairway wood into the fairway here. Shallow green makes a flier from the rough more undesirable than ever. Second shot is more than one club uphill. 
Hole #8

243 Yards
par 3

Down the hill to another four club deep green protected by large bunkers. Don't get greedy. Hit the green while carefully heeding the hole location, take two putts and leave with a smile.
Hole #9

566 Yards
Par 5

Long hole. Uphill. Narrow. Another green that is four clubs deep. Enough said? Sure, but there's also a creek on the right and bunkers and mounds on the left. Good drive and long iron lay up will leave short iron or wedge. Good luck!
Hole #10

388 Yards
Par 4 

Driver or fairway wood leaves a mid to short iron to a wide but shallow green. If hole location is front it is best to play past hole to avoid spinning ball back off the green.
Hole #11

153 Yards
Par 3

Short hole, but tee shot must be precise to make birdie on this deep and undulating green.
Hole #12

498 Yards
Par 5

A drive in the fairway on this downhill hole affords a chance to reach a well guarded green in two. Once there, the work is not done. The subtle slopes here lead to three putts by the careless.
Hole #13

169 Yards
Par 3

Another short par three, but this one can be deadly. Simply put, there is no good option if you miss this green surrounded by Mill Creek and bunkers. Large elevation drop and ever present wind gusts make club selection critical.
Hole #14

470 Yards
Par 4

A long drive between Mill Creek on the left and a deep bunker on the right is needed to leave a middle to short iron second. A short drive leaves a long iron over water to a shallow green. Just pray the wind is not from the north.
Hole #15

518 Yards
Par 5

Another reachable par five if you drive  in the fairway. Mill Creek runs down the left side, then fronts and borders the right side of the green. Reaching this green in two is no gimme birdie.
Hole #16

367 Yards
Par 4

A beautiful reminder that a par four need not have backbreaking length to be a good test. Mill Creek is still on your left all the way to the green. Fairway wood or long iron from the tee leaves only a short iron or wedge to this deep, narrow, two level green. Bunker back right leaves no margin for error when hole is on top level.
Hole #17

461 Yards
Par 4

Drive must carry 240 yards over rough to reach the fairway, 260 yards to reach level fairway. Another deep but narrow two level green awaits. Long irons and wood seconds are common. This hole is not for the faint of heart. Did I mention that it's uphill? 
Hole #l8

417 Yards
Par 4

Out of bounds left. Uphill toward the clubhouse to a green cut into the side of a hill. A good drive leaves a mid iron to a green that seems to breed three putts. Second shot is critical, so don't let the beauty of the hole distract you.